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The ancient Romans used ammonia (derived from urine) and fuller's earth to launder their woolen togas. Fullonicae were very prominent industrial facilities, with at least one in every town of any notability, and frequently the largest employer in a district. Modern dry cleaning uses non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes. The potential for using petroleum-based solvents in this manner was discovered in the mid-19th century by French dye-works owner Jean Baptiste Jolly, who noticed that his tablecloth became cleaner after his maid spilled kerosene on it. He subsequently developed a service cleaning people's clothes in this manner, which became known as "nettoyage à sec," or "dry cleaning". Early dry cleaners used petroleum-based solvents, such as gasoline (petrol) and kerosene. The use of highly flammable petroleum solvents caused many fires and explosions, resulting in government regulation of dry cleaners. After World War I, dry cleaners began using chlorinated solvents. These solvents were much less flammable than petroleum solvents and had improved cleaning power. By the mid-1930s, the dry cleaning industry had adopted tetrachloroethylene colloquially called "perc," as the ideal solvent. It has excellent cleaning power and is stable, nonflammable, and gentle to most garments. After 2006 the dry cleaning industry is in the process of replacing perc with other chemicals and/or methods.

Dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothes without water by used a liquid, and all garments are immersed and cleaned in a liquid solvent -- the fact that there is no water is why the process is called "dry. (Dry cleaning)" that is use in Frisco, Texas. Dry-cleaning is the use of organic solvents to remove soil and stains from fabric. It is called dry-cleaning because the process contains little or no water. When washed in water, natural fibers such as wool and silk can shrink, distort and even lose color. Synthetic fibers such as polyesters also respond well to dry-cleaning that is available in McKinney, TX.There are four stages to the dry cleaning process: accepting the clothing, inspection, washing, and drying. All four stages are required for every item that is dry cleaner. The dry cleaning process involves harsh chemicals and there have been changes to the process as part of a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of the waste product. However, you can check with your dry cleaner to determine if they are using environmentally friendly processes in Plano, Texas. 

You bring your clothes to your professional cleaner, drop them off with the person at the counter, and a few days later you return to pick them up looking as good as new. But what happens to your clothing in between? To many people, professional cleaning is a mysterious process and you may be surprised to learn that professional cleaning is a lot more than one process. In fact, your cleaner might employ a number of techniques to give your garments that "like new" appearance. Basically, professional cleaning can be broken down into three general categories - Dry cleaning wet cleaning, and laundering. Let's take a look at what's involved with each process.

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Dry cleaning; uses fluids to remove soil and stains from fabric. In fact, the term "dry cleaning" is misleading; it is called dry-cleaning because the fluid contains little or no water and does not penetrate the fibers as water does. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve greases and oils in a way that water cannot. Natural fibers such a wools and silks dry-clean beautifully, but can shrink, distort, and lose color when washed in water. Synthetic fibers such as polyester also respond well to dry cleaning, while they can retain oily stains after washing. Dry cleaning helps to return garments to a "like-new" condition using precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and fabric distortion. The Dry cleaning process begins with the pretreatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents. The garments are then loaded into a machine resembling an oversized front-loading home washer. It produces similar mechanical action to loosen embedded dirt. Today, the solvent used by almost 90 percent of all drycleaners is perchloroethylene, commonly known as "perc." Introduced to the Dry cleaning industry in the late 1930s, perc offers many practical and environmental benefits which have led to its popular use as a cleaning agent. It is completely non-flammable and non-combustible, of relatively low toxicity, and can be efficiently reused and recycled. This is what Stan Ley Cleaners uses.

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Wet cleaning, Based on the care label instructions and your professional cleaners's expertise, wet cleaning might be the best method selected for some garments. Since the 1972 Care Label Rule requires that clothing manufacturers only list one method of proper care even if other methods can be used safely, garments labeled "washable" may or may not dry-clean satisfactorily. Like in the dry cleaning process, wet cleaning starts with the pretreatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents. Wet cleaning is the professional process of removing soils from garments and other textile items through the use of water and additives and using precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and fabric distortion.

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Professional laundering for shirts and other "washable" items is another process your cleaner uses to keep your garments looking their best. Special detergents, additives, and finishes set commercial laundry apart from home laundering. This process enables your cleaner to offer consistent quality shirts at reasonable prices. Collars come, cleaner and the professional pressing affords a crisper finish. Dry Cleaning in Frisco If you request a method of cleaning that is not listed on the care label, your cleaner may ask you to sign a consent form showing that you accept the potential risks of cleaning the garment.

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Professional cleaning involves many different operations, all performed by skilled people and designed to give your garments a fresh and clean appearance. Procedures include:  Checking the labels for adequate care instructions and fiber content, Classifying the garment according to fabric type, color, and degree of soiling, Removing spots and stains using special equipment, special stain removal agents, and water, Dry-cleaning, wet cleaning, or laundering, only if so labeled, Reapplying any sizing, water repellency, and other finishes when necessary and possible, Finishing the garment on professional pressing equipment to restore its original shape and appearance, Replacing missing or damaged buttons and performing minor repairs whenever possible, according to plant policy, Packaging the garment neatly in a protective wrapping.

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Here are some tips that can help you get the most from your cleaning dollar:  Bring a garment in for professional cleaning as soon as possible after staining occurs. Stains and soil left too long can be impossible to remove and will shorten the life of your garment.  Do NOT put anything on the stain if there is any possibility you are planning to bring the garment to the cleaners. This can set the stain, making removal impossible.  Discuss any stains with your cleaner. Be especially sure to point out light-colored or invisible spills) such as those from soft drinks, fruit juices, or white wine. It is also important to point out and identify any other beverage or food spillage so that the dry cleaners can treat the stain prior to putting the garment through the dry cleaning process. Keep perfumes, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants, and other toiletries from coming into contact with your clothes. These products likely contain alcohol, which can affect some dyes. Allow them to dry before you dress. Protect your garments from excessive perspiration, especially silks. Perspiration left on fabric can cause many dyes to discolor.  Have matching pieces cleaned together, including bedspreads and drapes, so that any color loss will be uniform and the pieces will still match.  Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial tight. Keep in mind that even normal lighting can affect some dyes.  Don't press stained or soiled clothes. The heat may set some stains.

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Remove certain stains. The nature and age of the. Stain, plus the color and construction of the fabric, sometimes make stains impossible to remove without damaging the garment.  Prevent some colors from bleeding or fading. If the manufacturer does not thoroughly test the dyes to make sure they are colorfast to both solvent and water, some color may be lost during the cleaning process. This is considered the manufacturer's responsibility.  Prevent excessive shrinkage. If the manufacturer has failed to adequately preshrink all component parts before the garment is constructed, shrinkage may occur.  Reverse worn or torn areas caused by wear, perspiration, damage caused by insects, or liquid spills. Such holes or rips may not appear before cleaning, but they result from a previous weakening of the fibers.  Prevent or correct holes caused by insects or acid spillage. Such holes may not appear before dry cleaning, but they result from a previous weakening of the fibers.  Correct excessive shine on clothes caused by wear or extreme heat and pressure used in home ironing.  Correct poor home spot removal procedures such as color loss caused by excessive rubbing of delicate fabrics or color reactions or holes in the fabric caused by failure to rinse stain removal agents from the fabric.

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The KDC Family believes in providing their customers with the highest quality services, giving the greatest value, and doing so in a clean, pleasant, and professional environment all in a timely manner. KDC has been built and maintained with these goals as the center of our focus and foundation. We believe our biggest competitor is in your house, therefore we understand that saving you time and money should be our primary objective. We offer affordable prices so that everyone can take advantage of our services. We always assume that customers are in a hurry and listen to their requests. We offer same day service Monday through Friday at all locations for items dropped off before 9:00 am; and some locations offer same day service until noon. We offer same day service in some locations on Saturday. KDC offer dry cleaning and laundry services. This includes professional stain removal, proper cleaning, and pressing. We clean all types of clothing including suits, dresses, sport shirts, wedding dresses, and silk. We also clean household items such as draperies, bedspreads, and tablecloths. We offer a convenient press-only service for those who prefer to clean their own items but want that professional finished look. Laundered items can be starched to your preference. Buttons are tightened or replaced at no charge. Shirt sleeves, pants, and jeans can be creased or not creased per your instructions. Shirts can be folded or placed on hangers. Alterations are offered on site at some locations, but all locations can process your alteration requests. Alteration services include replacing zippers, size adjustments, hem repairs and adjustments, cuffing, and much more.

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We treat customer’s garments with the utmost care, as if were our own. We do not compromise quality or service to cut costs. Our business is cleaning customers’ garments, therefore it is imperative that we have a fanatical commitment to cleanliness of our facilities and equipment. Integrity is the foundation of our relationship with our customers. We are honest with our customers, our strategic-partners, our suppliers, and each other. We are committed to helping employees and strategic-partners grow and be successful. We do not look for short cuts to save money at the expense of quality. We will always use the highest quality materials and products to provide our customers with fine dry cleaning. Our image is our business. We are committed to having the best trained and most efficient staff at each location. We are committed to providing growth opportunities for our employees. We will always look first to promote from within. Our goal is to provide growth opportunities in many areas - work experience, education, relationships, and financial. We are committed to providing timely, clean, helpful and interactive service to our customers.

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